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Thursday 15, November 2018

Grind Baby Grind (4 Rounds for time) Every 10 minutes for 40mins: Bike 40/30 Cals Row 40/30 Cals Ski 30/20 Cals Re-test from Sept 20th. Try to do the same calories as last time or scale back to complete work so you do get a bit of rest in between rounds. ...

Saturday 17, November 2018

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps) In teams of 2 complete the following stations 9 mins ON 3 mins OFF: 0:00-9:00min Station 1: 1000m/800m Row (At the same time) +max wall balls in time remaining (one person working at a time) 9:00-12:00min REST 12:00-21:00 min Station 2: 60/40 Cal Bike (At...