Whatever your fitness goal is in life, know that we at CrossFit 5000 welcome and cater for everyone, regardless of fitness level.

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Our Coaches

head coach / owner

alf connolly

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head coach / owner

deanna dimasi

Deanna is the head coach at CrossFit 5000 and has been in the world of CrossFit for over 8 years. Fitness was not always apart of her life growing up and she believes it’s never too late to start and that she is living proof of this. Deanna has had the privilege of making two team appearances at the CrossFit Regionals in 2011 & 2013, competed in multiple local and interstate competitions both individually and in teams. Her passion now is to simply help people be better and get people moving in a way that will lead them to a better quality of life for as long as they can.

Deanna also coaches our CrossFit teens and kids coach.


Favourite Quote: “It’s all in the state of the mind” by Walter D. Wintle

Proudest CrossFit Moment: Hitting 3 Ring Muscle ups at Regionals to avoid the team from elimination.

Favourite Lift: Snatch, because it is the most complex but most rewarding once you get it.

Life is about: Family, health, love and faith.


alex hoskin

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