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Hydration and Muscle Cramps

Are you suffering from muscle cramps? As an athlete for over a decade muscle cramps have always been an issue when trying to train hard wether I was body building or crossfitting. I mean you see all these pro athletes do double sessions or multiples WOD’s why can’t I?

Over the years I tried every top recommendations from doctors, google and even my chiropractor, and some worked and some didn’t. Here is what I found to help.

H2O (Water) – They say there is no conclusive research or theories that proves lack of hydration causes cramping however upping my intake of water each day made a difference.

Tuna – I know weird right, I have always been a firm believer on having a balanced diet however when I first started my business and found I was struck for time, canned tuna and 90sec packet of brown rice became my reassuring lunch for months. I had started taking the vitamins to help with the cramping (getting to that soon) but it wasn’t helping as much as people said it would. It wasn’t until my girlfriend researched that the high intake of mercury that is found in canned tuna can cause leg cramps.

Magnesium & Cherry Tar – Take magnesium, take magnesium if I got a dollar for every person that said this I would be a rich man. I was taking the magnesium and it wasn’t helping however I then got on to cherry tar and found that something started to work. Magnesium is usually taken to help relax the muscles and calm the body however I have never been a good sleeper, in fact I can have nights where I get as much as 5 or as little as 3 hours sleep a day. I introduced cherry tar as it is proven┬áto improve sleep, especially those suffering from insomnia and bam the body started to recover a lot more. The cramping had backed off. I figured how the hell is magnesium meant to work if the body is not at rest, combining the two together has been life changing.

Now I can’t remember the last time I cramped and loving that feeling of not having to walk in the gym wondering if its going to cramp or not. Making these 3 small changes has changed my training and hope that if you are suffering as I was that this blog will help.


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